A New Dimension in Interactive Learning

The modern classroom is filled with digital natives conditioned to receive information in ways the traditional classroom never expected. Advances in classroom technology have allowed interactive instruction including sound, video, and instantaneous student responses. classroom ModelMaker is proud to introduce the next dimension in interactive learning, allowing students to create physical models from virtual data. From airplane wings to ancient pyramids, from a hands-on lesson in comparative anatomy to the creation of lithopanes, all curricula can be enhanced through physical modeling.




  • Created for the Classroom

    • 2BOT Studio™ Functionality



      • literally easy-to-buy & easy-to-use
      • out-of-the-box setup is fast & simple, in less than 30 minutes
      • truly affordable cost-of-ownership: inexpensive, widely available
        consumable materials
      • typical model cost is less than $1
      • fully integrated system hardware & software, plus content for educators
      • instant ModelMaker action from your 2D and 3D data; rapid model generation
      • no limit to model size, full scalability

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      Product Overview

      Want to see how interactive technology boosts students' retention?

      Research from Cornell (pdf)

      Research from Marzano

      ModelMaker is an entirely new class of subtractive physical model making system,specifically created by design for educators. ModelMaker comes with the powerful 2BOT Studio to deliver rapid model generation via fully integrated software and hardware. Model size is fully scalable.

      ModelMaker is based on our proprietary lightweight super-structure completely enclosed and interlocked with student safety in mind.

      ModelMakerʼs size and weight is similar to many 2D desktop printers. ModelMakerʼs exceptional performance is based upon 2BOTʼs proprietary distributed DSP-based controlled intelligence network. This delivers rapid and seamless information exchange between the 3D printer, the computer and 2BOT Studio. This enables immediate ModelMaker actions from your 2D and 3D data.

      From physics to ancient history, from biology to art, curricula can now integrate students creating physical models, leveraging the interactive environment. Our breakthrough software, 2BOT Studio™, handles all output variables with just a few mouse clicks. It’s as simple as setting options for a print job. Students and teachers can now rapidly and easily turn lesson plan concepts into reality, the classroom ModelMaker takes care of the rest. Student learning is maximized with their ability to create their own individual contribution, on the first try

      Out of the box, the classroom ModelMaker is ready to elevate any classroom to the experience of physical models; models fast at very low cost.





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