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ModelMaker User Manual

Watch Video Video Tutorial - Swap Spindle


Product Sheets

classroom ModelMaker Product Sheet

Geo ModelMaker Product Sheet


Minimum PC Requirements

Requirements Document



Instruction Sheet Video

Tutorial 0 - "Out of the Box"

Watch Video How to Load and Unload the Cassette

Tutorial 1 - "Machine Overview"

Watch Video Out of the Box, Machine Overview and Software Setup

Tutorial 2 - "Your First Model"

Watch Video Your First Model

Tutorial 3 - "2-Sided Model"

Watch Video Your First 2-Sided Model

Watch Video Flip, Scale and Rotate

Tutorial 5 - "Tiling Models"

Tutorial 6 - "Step Function"

Tutorial 7 - "Lithophanes"

Watch Video Removing Strange Geometry in Sketchup for Tiling

Tutorial 8 - "How to create topography in Google Sketchup"