Edu Models


Using a lot of creativity and a little glue, one of 2BOT’s interns created this stool. It represents the diverse range of designs that ModelMaker™ can build. Create large, multiple-layer models or models small enough to fit into your hand.





Iconic Figures

ModelMaker™ has unlimited capabilities, from creating complex items such as 3D models of a city, to simple and fun designs such as these iconic cultural figures. Use it to create presentation tools for classroom or business settings, to help students learn how to design 3D models, to build a 3D model of your business logo, or to create a physical model of your original design.




Use classroom ModelMaker™ in a design class where students are building their own 3D models in software programs such as AutoCAD or Rhino. Import the designs to 2BOT Studio and allow students to walk away with a 3D model of their creations. The inexpensive cost of materials enables schools and businesses to cost-effectively produce many models.











City of Denver



Consider you are working on a development project for the City of Denver. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily create a physical 3D model representing what currently exists, and what you are proposing to develop?

Using the ModelMaker™, this becomes a simple job. Grab an existing Google 3D Warehouse model of the downtown buildings, put them on a mounting board, and print off your proposed project.

ModelMaker™allows others to visualize your construction plans and architectural designs with ease.








Math Comes to Life



Fundamental mathematical concepts, such as the conic section, can be difficult to grasp in the abstract. When students can make and manipulate their own models, they “get it” in a way that they never could before.


Create anything from a 3D cone to a system of equations or a flight path. The possibilities are endless.









Architecture & Interior Design



This decorative “woven wall” model displays the precision and fine detailing that the ModelMaker can produce using inexpensive materials. Interior designs can be created and printed quickly and effectively using the ModelMaker. Everything from kitchen counter layouts, to room design, and entire floor layouts can be modeled.













History and Geography



History and Geography are subjects with much information to learn and memorize. Finding additional methods to achieve retention of this information can translate to more knowledgeable students. Help students build a spatial understanding of their world.

For example, print off 3D models of the Space Needle and the pyramids of Giza at the same scale to put into perspective the architectural advances of ancient Egypt.






Molecular Biology

72dpiDoubleHelixTeaching a Biology class and want to reinforce the DNA structure?

This physical model of the DNA Double Helix communicates the structure of the genetic code in a way that no 2D illustration or verbal description can.


1. Go to Google 3D Warehouse

2. Download the DNA Helix

3. Open the model in 2BOT Studio and press Make it!










The Classroom ModelMaker™ allows investigation of the properties of airfoils for science and engineering students.

Download a computer model from 3D Warehouse or create your own; try variations in the design and see the results of your changes in a physical 3D model. The ModelMaker’s 2BOT Studio software outputs the result ready for wind tunnel testing or other experiments.


Join the growing nation of students and educators utilizing ModelMaker™ to enhance the learning experience.



wing_pm DSC01137_copy



Human Health and Biology

Classroom ModelMaker™ helps to catch students’ attention by bringing the concepts taught in the classroom and textbooks to life. To enhance understanding, each student can see, touch, and examine a detailed 3D model of the human brain or other internal organs.

Making a brain is simple:

72dpiBraininside1. Import a Google Sketchup®  model of the human brain

2. Check the length to be the average length of a human brain which is 150mm or 5.9” in length

3. Use the tile feature to split the brain in half and Make IT!

In addition, compare and contrast scale models of different human organs or compare human organs to another species covered in class.