Enter the new era in printing.

No longer is the world constrained to 2D paper.  The ModelMaker™ brings to life your dreams, vision and designs.


ModelMaker is based on our proprietary lightweight super-structure completely enclosed and interlocked with user safety in mind.

ModelMaker’s size and weight is similar to many 2D desktop printers.




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ModelMaker’s exceptional performance is based upon 2BOT’s proprietary distributed DSP-based controlled intelligence network.

This delivers rapid and seamless information exchange between the 3D printer, the computer and 2BOT Studio.  This enables immediate ModelMaker actions from your 2D and 3D data.





Out of the box, the ModelMaker will be up and running in less than 30 minutes.  We offer a variety of configurations to support your office or classroom needs.


If you lack counter space the ModelMaker can be mounted on an optional stand which has wheels for easy re-positioning.


The cutting head utilizes a proprietary carbide cutter, specialized in design for shaping model materials. The design is a first of a kind in the 3D printer market in that it can create up to a 2” single pass vertical wall, making tall vertical structures possible.

Driving the cutter is a brushless motor which is being powered via a dedicated 100 MIPS DSP processor. This concentration of compute power in the head allows for precise millisecond to millisecond control of torque and speed yielding high performance motion.




Material billets are held in a proprietary cassette. To install material the user simply swings up handles on the material jaws, inserts the material and then swings the arms down to latch and firmly hold the material. These jaws can hold a sheet of paper up to a 2" thick billet.



The cassette is an indexed component to the system.  This allows the reverse side of the material can also be shaped by simply removing the cassette, flipping it up-side-down and reinserting into ModelMaker. Everything from the mechanical design to the electronics was designed with you in mind.